Release Notes

Version 2019.2.0.0

Version 2019.2.0.0

Surface Snapping, Teleportation, 360° Capture, & More

Surface Snapping, Teleportation, 360° Image Capture, & More

Surface Snapping, Teleportation, 360° Image Capture, & More

Released April 3, 2019

Surface Snapping

  • Content can be snapped to surfaces in the scene using the surface snapping button, which appears on the controller when holding an object close to another object's surface. 

  • While an object is snapped, it can be rotated along the surface by holding the rotation button.

  • Holding the surface snapping button locks the snapping plane.

  • Content snapped onto a surface will stay snapped the next time it's picked up, so long as the surface below it is still in position.


  • Holding the grip button on your dominant hand in empty space enables locomotion controls. A teleport ray appears, and viewpoints become visible as target destinations.

  • With the grip button held, press the trigger to teleport to the target destination.

  • Teleporting resets your scale to 1:1.
  • While holding the grip button, left & right on the joystick or touchpad rotates your view in 45° increments, and up & down locomote you forward & backward.

The Orientation Tool

Uses of the Orientation Tool

  • While holding a piece of content with Rotation Snapping on, use the Orientation Tool to align Rotation Snapping to a targeted piece of content.
  • Groups created within the Select Tool align their bounding boxes to the directionality set with the Orientation tool.

How to use the Orientation Tool

  • The Orientation Tool appears on your dominant hand when moving content with Rotation Snapping on. Hover on it with your other hand and use the grip button to pick it up.
  • While holding the Orientation Tool, press the trigger to activate it at targeted content. Activating the orientation tool at empty space will reset it.

360 Image Capture

  • Within the Camera Tool, select the 360° button to toggle on and off 360° image capture mode. Pictures taken with 360° capture mode on will output as 4096 x 2048 pixel .PNG panoramic images.
  • Output images appear with screenshots in ~Documents/Maquette/Screenshots. Within Maquette, this folder can be opened on the desktop with the Show on Desktop icon at the bottom right of the camera viewfinder.

UI Numpad

  • Point at a number variable (i.e. RGB color, fog amount, etc.) in Maquette's UI, and it will underline, which means it's selectable with trigger. Select it with the trigger to invoke a numpad for numeric input.

  • The Maquette numpad accomodates basic mathematical operations.

Dimensional Indicators

  • Dimensional indicators display the measurement of object's bounding boxes when objects are picked up.
  • These can be turned off within the UI tab of the Settings menu.
  • Toggle the metric and imperial systems in the UI tab of the Settings menu.

Additional Changes & Fixes

  • Clock behind menu
  • Added floating tool tips
  • Support for Knuckles controllers
  • New 3D Geometric Primitives
  • Visual update to Start Space environment
  • Various bug fixes