Release Notes

Version 2019.3.0.0

Version 2019.3.0.0

Lighting, Gimbal Manipulation, Video Capture, & More

Released June 4, 2019

Bring Maquettes to Life With Lighting.

  • Maquette now supports real-time lighting, with point lights and spotlights which can be added to the scene. Lights can be created and managed within the Lighting tab of the Gizmos menu.

  • In the Lighting tab, light gizmo UI visibility can be toggled with the checkbox at the top of the menu.

  • Each light has several customizable properties, including color, intensity, shadow-cast behavior, spotlight angle, and more.

  • Access a light's properties using its context menu. Hover your dominant hand's cursor on a light placed in the scene, and press the . . . button on your controller. You can alternatively access properties through the . . . button on the right side of the list of lights placed within the scene, found within the the Gizmo Menu's Lighting tab.


Learn How to Use Lights in Maquette:

Check Out this Awesome Lighted Maquette Content:

Place Content Perfectly with Gimbal Positioning.

  • Precisely edit the position, rotation, and scale of any content placed within the scene using the new gimbal handles.

  • Access the gimbal by hovering on content, and pressing the gimbal button on your controller.

  • Grab gimbal handles with the grip button to re-position content.

  • To hide the gimbal again, press the check button on the controller.

  • While moving a gimbal handle, use the trigger to stamp objects along individual axis or around specific rotations.

  • Gimbal directionality can be re-oriented using the new Bounding Box Tool - more information below.


Learn How to Use the Gimbal in Maquette:

Use the Bounding Box Tool to Orient Grouped Content's Directionality.

  • It's useful to change group's bounding boxes for better positioning when Surface Snapping & Rotation Snapping content, or for changing the orientation of gimbal positioning handles.
  • When the gimbal is active, the Bounding Box Tool appears next to your dominant hand's controller, much like the Orientation Tool. Pick it up and use the trigger to orient grouped contents' bounding boxes to targeted content.

Take Steady-Cam Video & More With the New Camera Tool.

New Camera Features Include Video Capture, Steady-cam, and Horizon Lock.

  • Camera output can be set between photo, video, and 360 capture within the camera tool menu.
  • The Camera tool now supports a horizon lock mode, adjustable steady-cam smoothing, and FOV adjustment UI.
  • Now that the camera tool supports video capture, the video capture functionality from the Labs Menu has been removed.

Introducing Re-designed Hand-held Capture & First-Person Capture Modes

  • Toggle between Hand-held Capture Mode and First-person Capture Mode within the Camera Tool menu.
  • In First-person Capture Mode, a HUD visualization of the media capture area appears, making it clear which content will appear in the photo or video frame during capture. This capture area can be adjusted using the joystick or touchpad slider on the dominant hand, or by changing camera FOV in Hand-held Capture Mode.
  • While recording in first-person video capture mode, you can leave the camera tool. You can end a recording while outside the camera tool with the red Stop Recording button at the bottom of the hand menu.

Preview & Delete Camera Captures Without Removing the Headset.

  • Upon completing a photo, video, or 360 capture, a preview of the latest capture will appear. From the capture preview UI, the output media can be revealed in the desktop file explorer or deleted from the disk.

View Content's Properties with Context Menus.

  • All content placed in a scene can now be named and customized further with context menus.
  • To open a context menu, hover your dominant hand's cursor on content placed within the scene, and press the . . . button on your controller.

Choose the Right Color With the Contextual Color Picker.

Selecting a color swatch within Maquette's UI now open a contextual color picker for precise color selection.


Additional Changes & Fixes

  • Close floating Maquette UI by throwing it away.
  • New Tutorials
  • New Spotlight Content in the Home Space
  • Spatial Audio
  • Visual update to virtual buttons on Oculus Touch & Knuckles controllers.
  • Various bug fixes