Release Notes

Version 2019.4.0.0

Version 2019.3.0.0

Interactive Tutorial, Stage, Companion Window

Released September 4, 2019

  • Introduced Interactive Tutorial when first launch Maquette. Also accessible from Help menu.

  • Introduced Stage in Scenes Menu as a way to manage background content across all scenes.

  • Enabled Companion UI on desktop window.
  • Added three new spotlight accessible through the start space:
    "Disco", "Floating Garden", and "Lost Realm".
  • Color swatches are now saved per project instead of per scene.

Additional Changes & Fixes

  • Added a few new icons in the image library.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally throw exception when pressing "New Project" in the companion window
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally made the companion window UI show up flipped in space.
  • Fixed a bug in pagination that causes jump to last page when enter a folder.