Release Notes

Version 2020.1.0

Version 2019.3.0.0

Bounding box manipulation, new brushes, 3D environments, AR simulation improvements, accurate selection.

Released January 28, 2019

Introducing a new Bounding Box Gimbal tool with axes snapping to enable more versatile and accurate manipulation. Try it out by activating the Gimbal manipulator on an object, and pressing the controller button to switch modes.



Introducing ability to resize tool bits to a Needle Mode to enable more accurate selection on objects. This is especially helpful when selecting small or flat objects snapped to other surfaces.

Introducing AR simulation support with better and more customizable background/hologram blending. This experimental feature can be accessed under the "Labs" panel and is under active development. Feedback is welcome!

Introducing 3D background environments with two examples included (one photogrammetry and one hand crafted model). Both environments support teleportation and surface snap, and blends well in AR simulation mode. This experimental feature can also be accessed under the "Labs" panel.

Introducing new brushes. Enjoy the power of the new Hull, Volume and Tube brush and take your creations to the next level!

Introducing thumbnails for projects, scenes, and viewpoint buttons in desktop companion window.

Fixed bugs related to the "cast shadow" setting of objects and groups. Enabled materials to have default shadow casting behavior.