Release Notes

Parametric objects, text tool improvements, new select tool UX, and etc.

Version 2020.2.0

Version 2019.3.0.0

Released March 25, 2020

Parametric objects

Introducing parametric objects based on parameters editable in the object's context menu.

First set of parametric objects include:
- Rounded corner objects
- Rounded corner rim objects
- Cylindrical objects
- Conic objects.



New spotlight featuring parametric objects

Named "Augmented City Farm". Accessible from the home space spotlight menu.



Select tool improvement

Introducing an alternative selection mode. It can be turned on in the Settings menu.

The new mode aims to provide a more streamlined way to do selection and deselection in the select tool. Feedback is welcome!



Text tool improvements

Text is snapped to pointed surfaces automatically when the text tool is scaled down to needle mode.

Added support to paste text into the selected text object from the OS clipboard.

Added buttons in text tool menu to fill placeholder (Lorem ipsum) text to the selected text.



Color picker improvements

Added support to use the joystick to fine tune the cursor position.

Added alpha channel slider to color pickers. Alpha value applies to additive and translucent materials.

 Tube brush improvement

Added support of a straight edge mode, accessible by holding down the B button while drawing.


Other improvements

Improved context menu placement algorithm.

Allowed externally imported models to cast shadows.

Combined consecutive slide switch actions in undo stack into one to save performance.

Fixed some sporadic crashes and exceptions.